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Layout Metamorposis

By layout conversion, it means changing APPEARANCE and TOUCH of the website. A layout determines appearance and color tone of the website; nevertheless, not affecting the functionality. With number of themes to choose from, people usually love experimenting with their website layout for that oomph and spirit, it lacks otherwise.

A website layout can be Simple, or Elaborative. Layout change is usually done to bring back the lost appeal where a website gets poor of, overtime. Understanding the essence of appealing potentials and improving interactivity, VOJUS gives solutions on website layout change. We enrich a website with different menu styles, layouts or modules, depending on individual business needs.

Assigned with a responsibility of giving complete design makeover to old websites, VOJUS dynamic team of developers Rewrite HTML and CSS Codes. Thorough with all web standard guidelines, experts at VOJUS make sure that newly written codes comply with modern web standards.

Our professionals work towards giving facelift and appeal to websites. Making it search engine crawler-friendly so that it gets indexed easily, we help client's turn up their website performance and achieve big business goals.

We know this solution is rare in market, but we are here to assist you.

Sitemap Restructuring

How well the links of a website are connected together defines the sitemap structure. By restructuring a sitemap, it means ESTABLISHING and CONSTRUCTING the information, pages or content of the website.

A good website should facilitate visitors to browse through the site; helping them easily locate the pages and content they're seeking. Showcasing the major areas of a website and directing visitors in a right direction is what we do under our sitemap restructuring service.

To ensure that your website is not tagged a ' Link Muddy ', we assist you in categorizing your web pages under relevant, clear heads. Ensuring that content of the website maintains Consistency and Relevancy, we at VOJUS stresses on the fact that each web page is easily searchable by both visitors and search engine crawlers. We help clients modify web page linking mechanism and make arrangements in a way that web spiders can easily locate the existing links.

VOJUS professionals help clients systematically shape their websites that clearly define the products and services they have to offer. They work towards linking each web page listed in a sitemap to the web page it represents. All this is done to create a good picture of client's website on search engines and simplify the task of visitors in finding the desired information.

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