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Customized Software application Development

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E Logistics

The project involved development of a logistics management system for the effective distribution of the retail products like egg or any kind of packed products. This is an intranet application, which enables parsing the order data of the various stores in different location from the Mainframe System and ported to E Logistics order processing system. The order processing system generates the truck schematics diagram – packing the cases in the pallets based on the order made by each store and stacking the pallet in the bins of the truck. The system completely manages the order distribution system using an effective and efficient methodology where addition or deletion of item ordered for a particular store and addition or deletion of a particular store order is possible. Elogistics also generates Invoice for the days order and generate various MIS reports.


Customized CRM Application

CRM consists of modules, each of which represents a specific functional aspect of CRM such as Accounts, Activities, Leads, and Opportunities. For example, the Accounts module enables you to create and manage customer accounts, and the Activities module enables you to create and manage activities related to accounts, opportunities, etc. These modules are designed to help you manage customer accounts through each step of their lifecycle, starting with generating and qualifying leads to customer support and resolving reported bugs. Because many of these steps are interrelated, each module displays related information. For example, when you view the details of a particular account, the system also displays the related contacts, activities, opportunities, and bugs. You can not only view and edit this information but also create new information. As an administrator, you have the power to implement access control for these modules. You can customize the look and feel of Application across your organization. You can even create new modules if needed. You can also create multiple forums as platforms of discussion on various topics amongst your users and customers. Core Features Sales Management

• Lead, Contact, and Opportunity Management to share information and    pursue new business.
• Account management to manage all customer interactions in a single    location. Marketing Automation
• Lead management for tracking and cultivating new leads.
• Email marketing for touching prospects and customers with relevant    offers.
• Campaign management for tracking campaigns across multiple    channels.
• Campaign reporting to analyze the effectiveness of marketing activities    Collaboration
• Activity management for emails, tasks, calls, and meetings
• Content syndication to consolidate third-party information sources.
• News Service
• The RSS news feeds module lets you select and manage your favorite    news feeds, and display them on your My RSS News Feeds screen.
• Administration
Quickly edit user settings, views and layouts in a single location.